We Have A Spot For You!

North Texas NICA Cycling is a National Interscholastic Cycling Association team that was started in Prosper, Texas but now has practice groups all across the DFW metroplex. Our team is a composite team consisting of any area middle or high school student interested in racing mountain bikes. We have riders of all levels including first time riders and elite athletes looking to become professional racers. 

See the map below and click on locations that are near you to see more information on when practices are held and trail locations.

NTX Team Locations

  • Combat Chickens

    Practice details for the Combat Chickens are represented by the green pins above.

  • South Metro Composite Cyclones

    Practice details for the Cyclones are represented by the yellow pins above.

  • Highland Park Scots

    Practice details for the Highland Park Scots are represented by the blue pins above.

  • Want to try us out?

    Join one of the practices as a rider or volunteer to see if you are interested in joining. I bet you will!!

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  • Head Coach- Tim Hay

    Tim is the Head Coach of NTX NICA and an avid cyclist. Tim was a founding member of the team and serves as a coach supporter and trainer for the Texas league. Tim is passionate about helping every kid find a place where they can participate and thrive.

  • Team Founder - Rick McGrath

    Rick McGrath is a dad, community leader, taco lover, and recreational mountain biker! Rick has been the Team Director since 2018. At NTX NICA Cycling, our mission is to build a league that gives every North Texas 6-12th grader an opportunity to grow their mind, body and spirit on a bike!

  • Team Director - Brady Bowling

    Brady Bowling is a recreational mountain, road and gravel cyclist and is a team director and assistant coach. He joined NTX NICA in 2019 with his son, and enjoys biking with his whole family. Brady believes in NICA’s values of fun, inclusivity, equity and respect and strives to instill these values in the athletes he coaches.

  • Team Director - JJ Cawelti

    JJ is a recreational mountain biker. She also enjoys road and gravel riding. She has more than 20 years experience in leadership and organizational development. In addition to her involvement in NICA, JJ is an Ambassador with Dirt Side Sisters, an organization dedicated to getting more women on bikes.


What if I don’t want to race? 

There are lots of ways to participate on a NICA team.  Racing is only one of them.  NICA members are not required to race. so You can join a team and have a great time without ever attending a race.

I’m still on the fence. Can I try it out? 

Interested riders and parents can sign a one-time participation waiver to try it out before joining a team.  Contact a coach in your area to try out a team practice

Can I get a good deal or discount on a new bike?

Coaches and riders have access to numerous benefits and discounts including discounts on bikes, accessories, apparel, helmets, training and nutrition. Details are here.

I still have questions.

No problem.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Shoot us an email at ntxnica@gmail.com, and we will get back to you soon!